Newsletter, May, 18, 2014.

Dear Hibiki no kai and Echo Society Members,

May, 18, 2014.

■ Information Notes ■

Room Reservations

May 25th 9:00~17:00 room 2.


New Hibiki home page

Akie’s essay

Photo: English Class.

■ English Class■

Today’s teacher: Walt, Doug.

Participants: Newcomer: Kaneko family (Miho, Mako, Motoharu),

Hase family (Masashi, Megumi, Takato, Haruto).

Michael, Katsuyo, Keiko, Kate, Akie, Yoshio, Yumi, Seiko, Shin,

Sumiko, Sachiko, Sanae.

Today’s teacher was Doug who he is computer teacher.

Thank you for coming at early morning all the way.

Photo: English Class.

We did self-introductions in Japanese.

And we were listening to “Forever Young by Bob Dylan, sung by Joan

Baez”. “Any Time at All – Beatles”.

And we spoke something in English one by one.

 Computer Workshop ■

Today’s teachers: Doug, Takuya, Akiyuki.

Participants:Akie, Keiko, Yumi Seiko, Michael, Sumiko, Yoshikazu,

Makkun, Walt, Sachiko, Sanae.


Photo: Doug.

Editor: Sanae.


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