hibiki-echo300873 Newsletter, April, 6, 2014.

Dear Hibiki no kai and Echo Society Members,

April, 6, 2014.

Information Notes

Teacher Walt didn’t come to class Sunday. His eyes are not good than before.

Specifically, please read an e-mail from him. "Get well soon, Walt! "

New Hibiki home page

https://hibikinokai.org Please open!

Room Reservations

April 13th 9:00~17:00 room 2

Next  https://hibikinokai.org/classrooms.

Sunday 6th was scheduled for cherry-blossom viewing, but it was

discontinued. So I took the photos of the cherry tree on the way back.

It was in full blossom.

April, 10th, 2014. Negawa-ryokudo

 English Class       

Today’s teacher: Masanori. Supporter: Doug.

Participants: Michael, Katsuyo, Yoshio, Isamu, Shin, Sachiko, Sanae.

Photo: English Class.

The lecture of Masanori was a “verb”. <take> <give>

We had a role-playing. Setting: Book store.

Michaer is Shopkeeper. Yoshio is customer.

Yoshio was looking for a map and a history book. And he asked the shopkeeper.

English song of this week is a request of Shin.

“The Long and Winding Load” _ The Beatles.

And one by one we spoke about cherry blossom.

 Computer Workshop

Photo: Computer Workshop.

Today’s teachers: Doug, Akiyuki, Takuya.

Participants:Makkun, Isamu, Michael, Hideo, Keiko, Shige, Mieko,

Newcomer? (lady), Sachiko, Sanae.

Supporter: Masanori.  …… 

We missed you, Walt!

Photo: Doug and Sachiko.

Sanae: Editor, Hibiki no Kai Newsletter.


New Hibiki home page https://hibikinokai.org Please open!

Akie’s essay http://ameblo.jp/spillum/entry-10928169573.html Please open!

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