Newsletter, March, 9, 2014.

Dear Hibiki no kai and Echo Society Members,

March, 9, 2014.

Information Notes

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Room Reservations

 March 16th —– Room 2 for all day

Photo: English Class, Doug and Kate

Photo: English Class, Doug and Kate

English Class

Participants: Michael, Kate, Shin, Akie, Sumiko, Yuu, Sanae.
Today’s teacher: Walt, Masanori.  Supporter: Doug.

Class was a lecture of preposition by Masanori Tatsui.

It was continued from last week.

<at> <in> <on>

And English song of this week is a request of Shin – “End of the Road” _ Boyz II Men.

One by one we spoke about book or music. Kate was brought two sticks (Photo).  She is learning to Nordic Walking. She spoke long time about a book “あきらめる健康法” in Japanese. Shin spoke about Buddhism. Akie spoke about “Wuthering Heights” of Kate Bush, and she sang that song.

Photo: Computer Workshop, Michael.

Photo: Computer Workshop, Michael.

Computer Workshop

Today’s teachers: Douglas, Akiyuki, Kim, Takuya.
Supporter: Masanori.
Participants: Michael, Kate, Makkun, Akie, Yoshikazu, Hideo, Sumiko, Mieko, Walt.

Photo: Computer Workshop

Photo: Computer Workshop

Photo: Yuu.
Sanae: Editor, Hibiki no Kai Newsletter.


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