Newsletter, June, 15th, 2014.

June, 15th, 2014.

■ Information Notes ■

“ACB Las Vegas Tour of the Blind ”

Sumiko who supported Hibikinokai around seven years ago came.

She is knowing a lot about this meeting. Walt and Michael will attend.

Sumiko read documents and explained these details. There are pleasant

options such as city sightseeing or the diving every day.

From Walt.

Air line is ANA leaving Narita in afternoon of July 10th and transiting

Denver to Las Vegas. Returning July 19th via SanFrancisco arriving at Narita

July 20th. Tickets and reservations are very difficult and quiet a bit higher

then $ 40,000. Michael and I will finalize Ticket payment on Sunday June 8th

and make ACB reservations then. Everyone is welcome to join us. Contact

Michael and Walt for the further information.

Room Reservations

June 22th 9:00~17:00 room 2.

June 29th 9:00~17:00 room 7.

New Hibiki home page

Akie’s essay

■ English Class ■

Today’s teacher: Walt, Masanori.

Participants: Michael, Katsuyo, Takato, Akie, Sumiko, Shin, Yumi, Seiko,

Sachiko, Sachiko (Sanae’s helper), Sanae.

The lecture of Masanori was “verb”.

<SAY> 何かを言う

<TELL> 相手に何かを伝える  中身を強調

<SPEAK> 音を発する 言語音を出す

<TALK> 言語でやりとりする


We talked with Doug in St.Louis on Skype.

Photo: English Class.

And we were listening to “If Hold on Together by Diana Loss”.

“Honesty by Billy Joel”.

■ Computer Workshop ■

Today’s teachers: Akiyuki, Kim, Masanori.

Participants:Akie, Isamu, Yoshikazu, Sumiko, Sumiko, Katsuyo,

Michael, Yumi, Seiko, Makkun, Sachiko, Sanae and Walt.

Photo: Computer Workshop.

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