Newsletter, July, 6th, 2014.

Dear Hibiki no kai and Echo Society Members,

July, 6th, 2014.

■ Information Notes ■

Room Reservations

July 13th AM. room 7, PM. room 7.

July 20th AM. room 2, PM. room 2.

New Hibiki home page

Akie’s essay
■ English Class ■

Today’s teacher: Walt, Masanori.

Participants: Michael, Katsuyo, Akie, Keiko, Isamu, Takato, Marcia,

Katashi and his son, Sachiko (Sanae’s helper), Sanae.

We talked with Doug in St.Louis on Skype.

And we talked with David who is Walt’s friend in Ogikubo.

He is 95 years old.

Photo: Skype

The lecture of Masanori was “verb”.

<CLEAR> 邪魔なものを取り除き、澄んだものにする

<CLEAN> 汚れがなくきれいにする

Clear the water with a filter.

He has just cleaned his plate.

Clear his throat.

Plants give off oxygen and they clean the air.

Photo: English Class.

And we were listening to “Cold Play by Viva La Vida”.


We studied English composition for Tanabata (Star festival).

■ Computer Workshop ■

Today’s teachers: Kim, Akiyuki, Masanori.

Participants:Akie, Makkun, Yoshikazu, Isamu, Hideo, Marcia,

Sachiko, Sanae.

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