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March, 2, 2014.

Information Notes

Room Reservations


9th room 2 for all day

Next: https://hibikinokai.org/classrooms.


Photo: English Class, Yoshio, Rina and Walt.

 English Class       

Participants: Michael, Yoshio, Katsuyo, Mieko, Shin, Akie, Isamu, Kazuyo,

Rina, Ken, Yuu, Sanae.

Today’s teacher: Walt, Masanori. Supporter: Doug.

Class was a lecture of preposition by Masanori Tatsui.

<at> <in> <on>

And English song of this week is a request of Shin.

“Under My Thumb” _ Rolling Stones.

Kazuyo & Ken.


Photo: English Class. Katsuyo & Mieko.

There was an opinion from the participants who want speech. So, one by one

we spoke about snow. There were members who dislike snow. And there were

also members who likes snow.

 Computer Workshop 

Today’s teachers: Douglas, Akiyuki, Takuya and Kim.

Supporter: Masanori.

Participants:Michael and his wife, Kato (Walt’s helper), Makkun, Akie,

Yoshikazu, Isamu, Mieko, Yuu, Sanae and Walt.


Photo: Computer Workshop.

Photo: Doug and Yuu.

Sanae: Editor, Hibiki no Kai Newsletter.


New Hibiki home page https://hibikinokai.org Please open!

Akie’s essay http://ameblo.jp/spillum/entry-10928169573.html Please open!

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