Newsletter, May, 25, 2014.

Dear Hibiki no kai and Echo Society Members,



May, 25, 2014.

■ Information Notes ■

From Walt.

On May 19, 2014, at 3:05 PM, walter spillum <openword> wrote:

Dear Doug ,

Thank you for your exciting and informative teaching in Hibiki-no-kai morning

session. Your phycological approach as a Gaijin is really effective in telling the

hole stories. Let’s have more of the same in the future.

Thank you also for your patience with Michael and me for our trip to the H.I.S.

office. Your clarification is most helpful and we will proceed accordingly.

May I ask your help in making sure that Sanae understands Hibiki-no-kai

announcement which should be made for her Hibiki-no-kai weekly report .

Could you kindly add collect , or change the following release . Your help in

this program will be very much appreciated since you are very familiar with

the circumstance. Could you also ask Sanae and Tatsui to convey this

information to the toastmasters group . Many thanks . Walt .

Subject : HIBIKI-NO-KAI GROUP to attend American conceal of the blind

convention in Las Vegas July 10th – 19th.

HIBKI-NO-KAI members visited the H.I.S. travel office on Sunday, May 18th

to research the details of the planed trip to Las Vegas on July 10th – 19th.

Michael, Doug, Walt and Koji Yoshimoto(Fujitsu-man) visited Sachiko to get

the quotation for amount for the tickets and timing for the flights. We found

that the All Nippon Airway flight from Narita to Denver and change United

Airlines to Las Vegas and return to Tokyo , Narita via San Francisco .

The price was quoted fare is 114,000 yen. The quotation basis on not changing

return flight. Michael and Walt will be leaders of the group for more information

contact them at Hibiki-no-kai next Sunday, June 25th END.

Room Reservations

June 8th 9:00~12:00 room 7.

13:00~17:00 room 2.


New Hibiki home page

Akie’s essay

■ English Class ■

Today’s teacher: Walt, Masanori, Doug.

Participants: Michael, Katsuyo, Yoshio, Isamu, Yumi, Seiko, Shin,

Keiko, Noriko, Sachiko, Sanae.

Photo: English Class.

The lecture of Masanori was “verb”. <cut> <put> <set>


And we were listening to “Only yesterday by Carpenters”.

“Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell”.


And we spoke about travel in English one by one.

■ Computer Workshop ■

Today’s teachers: Doug, Takuya, Akiyuki, Masanori.

Participants:Keiko, Hiroki, Yumi Seiko, Isamu, Yoshikazu,

Makkun, Walt, Sachiko, Sanae and one lady.

     Photo: Doug.

Editor: Sanae.


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