Newsletter, June, 8th, 2014.

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Subject: Newsletter, June, 8th, 2014.

Dear Hibiki no kai and Echo Society Members,



June, 8th, 2014.

■ Information Notes ■

Room Reservations

June 15th 9:00~17:00 room 2.


New Hibiki home page

Akie’s essay

■ English Class ■

Today’s teacher: Walt, Masanori.

Participants: Michael, Katsuyo, Akie, Isamu, Shin, Sachiko, Sachiko (Sanae’s

helper), Sanae.

The lecture of Masanori was “verb”.




We talked with Doug on Skype in St.Louis.

Time difference between Japan and St. Louis is minus15 hours.

And we were listening to “Seven Daffodils by Brothers Four”.

■ Computer Workshop ■

Today’s teachers: Akiyuki, Kim, Masanori and


Participants:Akie, Isamu, Yoshikazu, Keiko, Sachiko, Sanae.

And I think that Walt, Michael and Makkun came after I left.

Photo: Computer Workshop.

     Photo: Sachiko.

Editor: Sanae.


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