hibiki-echo300855 Newsletter, Feb. 23, 2014.

Dear Hibiki no kai and Echo Society Members,

February, 23, 2014.

Information Notes

Room Reservations


2nd —- room 2 for morning, room 3 for evening


 English Class       

Participants: Michael, Yoshio, Katsuyo, Akie, Sumiko, Nobuko, Isamu, Yuu,


Today’s teacher: Walt, Masanori. Supporter: Doug.

Class was a lecture of preposition by Masanori Tatsui.


I will e-mail you when the mail about "of" was sent to me from Tatsui-san.                          

And English song of this week is a request of Akie.

“Billy Jean” Michael Jackson.



Photo: Computer Workshop.

 Computer Workshop

Today’s teachers: Douglas, Akiyuki, Takuya and Kim.

Supporter: Masanori.

Participants:Newcomer; one man, three young children and one woman.

Michael, Kato (Walt’s helper), Makkun, Akie, Yoshikazu, Isamu, Sumiko,

Keiko, Shige, Mieko, Yuu, Sanae and Walt.

Photo: Computer Workshop.

Photo: Doug and Yuu.

Sanae: Editor, Hibiki no Kai Newsletter.


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